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Hey guys wanted to write you all and catch you guys up on everything that has been going on! So I decided to make this blog about BADDIES ATL and all the amazing things that's going on! The new series is here and its now time to get down to business! My whole idea of bringing the baddies back to your tv screens was for all the baddies to use the show and platform for business. My main objective was for the girls to get back to business. Capitalize off the opportunity at hand. Stay tuned there's much more to come but at the end of the day I understand the ladies all aren't going to see eye to eye and everyones not going to always get along but for the most part I do think everyone wants to work make money and be about business. So lets let the show continue to play out and understand that this is the baddies ATL. So with that being said I have just launched the official Baddies ATL lash here on the website one of my new favorite sexy long whispy lashes HOT AND SEXY for a BADDIE summer 21. Make sure you guys check out the new summer collection fit for all you baddies! Also gearing up for season 2 along with a baddies season 1 reunion! So thank you to everyone who is watching and supporting the show! Let me know what you guys think and who you guys want to see in the future! Well its all love for now! I'll be doing more blogs weekly for you guys keeping you all updated right here! so subscribe to my website !

love you all,

Natalie Nunn aka the baddest bad girl! muahhhhh

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