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Baddies In Puerto Rico

Baddies invading Puerto Rico was a time... let me tell you! So first of all I decided I'm going to write weekly on my blog so you guys can keep up and have fun following day to day adventures and the fun! Now a lot of you Im sure saw I was in the hospital while in Puerto Rico! Well if you missed it on my instagram story yes I was sent to the hospital not because of any baddies lol but I was literally bit up all down my legs by mosquitos. It was so bad and right now this time of the year in Puerto Rico mosquitos are everywhere! Also the reason I went to the emergency room was because right now on the health advisory mosquitos can carry a virus that will hospitalize you! So I had to get 4 shots in my butt! 2 in each cheek crazy! I feel much better thank god and thank you all who were sending love ... my legs are almost all better now! Lets talk about how much fun Puerto Rico was... the baddies turned old San Juan up! we hit all the restaurants and bars. One bar in downtown old San Juan is a topless male bar the ladies loved going there ordering baddie baddie shot o clock! lol Walking around the beautiful streets of old San Juan was so fun and has so much culture! I loved all the colorful streets and the cobble stone road! We took a picture in front of the Puerto Rican flag door ! We even spent a day on the beach hanging out with family and friends. It was so many people just hanging having soccer matches, volleyball games going and music playing! I ended up playing in a soccer match on the beach in the sand for hours that day! By the time I was done playing soccer I had so much sand in my hair it was crazy, it was a install day later that day wig change! lol Oh let me tell you guys we even shut down club 787 in Puerto Rico if you guys ever come to San Juan its the lit club for sure in San Juan ... and lets talk about how the fans all came out and showed love it was cool performing my song OUTSIDE for you guys thanks for the love! Also of course the baddies had to hit the strip club... we turnt up a under ground strip club called aces it was too much fun! I had a blast in Puerto Rico on that note time for the next island BADDIE BADDIE SHOT O CLOCK!

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Hiiiiii Natalie!!

Girl mosquito should have been the least of your concern specially when going out at night in Puerto Rico, the ( Recluse) spiders and tarantulas take over at night.


Next time use Rose Oil they hate the scent use it like baby oil 🤞🏾❤️ I’m glad you good Nat 😊


Heyy Natalie, I’m glad your ok!! I had the same thing when I was 11 years old where I had to be hospitalized really bad!!! And it took a whole year for my legs to get better!! So happy your ok & feeling & looking Fabulous as always!!! Enjoy your Day & God Bless!!

Replying to

glad your ok! you guys need to carry some deep woods off always while traveling! that sucks i hate mosquitos and never wanna enjoy the outdoors bc the kids are allergic to the bites AND the sprays! crazy lol. i love you all this show is absolutely my fav of all time and im obsessed 🤣 safe travels girls!!!

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